Featured Craftsmen: Taber & Company

Last week we were able to take a road trip down to Tucson, AZ to visit one of our favorite craftsmen, John Taber.  He creates one-of-a-kind pieces from a variety of materials, mainly old-growth hardwoods including free standing furniture as well as built-in fixtures.  He has not limited himself to one design style or type of furnishing, which was very evident as we walked through his showroom of finished pieces.  We were thrilled to witness his true mastery and understanding of the unique types of wood he works with and how he really accentuates the natural beauty of the materials.  All of the wood is milled and kiln dried by Taber and his team, giving them full control over the thickness, width, and overall quality of each wood slab. 

We are so pleased to be able to work closely with John and his team to be able to create one of a kind pieces and installments for many projects we work on.  We are grateful for our creative partnership and can't wait to collaborate on many projects to come!

To learn more about Taber & Company visit: taberandcompany.net