Adventuring in New Orleans

New Orleans is known the world-round as a lively city, rich with culture, art, architectural heritage and of course, good food! In terms of the design world, NOLA is busting with incredible antiques and reclaimed pieces as well as amazing local artists and craftsmen.  New Orleans has a history rooted in French culture, and then as the largest port in the south throughout the 19th century, it became a true melting pot for a variety of cultures that is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Last week, our lead designer, Victoria, was able to take a trip to this treasure trove with one of our much-loved clients that knows the area, and it was a truly inspiring experience. 

Some of the highlights of the trip included visiting some antique dealers that have warehouses full of beautiful reclaimed pieces, including The Bank and Ricca’s Demolishing Corp.  Victoria also visited the Bevolo lighting gallery, which produces some of the most amazing gas and electric lights available.  While touring the best the city has to offer, she gained the invaluable experience of connecting with so many industry professionals and resources.  We look forward to utilizing all of the new sources gained on this trip in our projects going forward.