Art Auction

Santa Fe Art Auction

Recently on a trip to Santa Fe we took the opportunity to do some art sourcing as well as gather southwest inspiration.  We visited The Santa Fe Art Auction, one of the Southwest’s largest annual auctions of classic and contemporary Western art. Santa Fe boasts the third largest art market in the United States and is has an abundance of southwestern and native american pieces from paintings to bronze sculptures.  It was a remarkably refreshing to see so much wonderful art in one place.  We also explored the town on foot, visiting the oldest home in the United States, and three of the historic cathedrals in town. Truly valuable southwest architecture inspiration. 

It was exciting to be at the auction among all of the action.  We were fortunate enough to bid on and procure a few art pieces that will find homes with special clients.  We also visited many galleries and sourced some beautiful pottery and paintings.  We particularly liked Blue Rain Gallery at the Railyard, a stop one of our clients recommended.  It is a thrilling prospect to curate art pieces that fit well with the heart and soul of our clients' homes.