Our Work

Here you will find a selection of projects that showcase a variety of styles. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and aim to work closely with each client to achieve their dream space.

Fresh Furniture and Accessories

to Brighten Up This Arcadia Family Home 

Photo Oct 30, 2 37 47 PM.jpg

Rustic Elegance in a Relaxed Rural Setting

Builder: Powell & Company Construction

Photography: Victoria King

Featured Artisans: Finely Designed - Cabinetry

Taber & Company - Vent Hood

Boiler's Ironwork - Railing

Janus Custom: Entry Door


Livable Elegance with Rustic Southwest Essence


Architect: Urban Design Associates

Builder: R-Net Custom Homes

Photography: Steve Thompson

Featured Artisans:  Finely Designed Cabinetry - Handcrafted Tile - Taber & Co. - 

Chisel Marble & Granite - England Electric - 

Relics Architectural Home


Bliss Afternoon Kitchen.jpg

A Stylish Dwelling with Regional Influence


Architect:  Urban Design Associates

Builder:  Manship Builders

Photography: Steve Thompson

Featured Artisans:  Janus Custom - Chisel Marble & Granite - Finely Designed Cabinetry - Taber & Co.


Sonoran Warmth with Natural Finishes


Architect:  Design Barbarians Architects

Builder: G.K. Custom Homes Inc.

Photography: Art Holeman for Phoenix Home & Garden

Featured Artisans:  Handcrafted Tile Inc. - Affinity Kitchens - Haussman Stone

Phoenix H&G Book_08.jpg