Our Work

Here you will find a selection of projects that showcase a variety of styles. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and aim to work closely with each client to achieve their dream space.

Rustic Elegance in a Relaxed Rural Setting

Builder: Powell & Company Construction

Photography: Victoria King

Featured Artisans: Finely Designed - Cabinetry

Taber & Company - Vent Hood

Boiler's Ironwork - Railing

Janus Custom: Entry Door


Livable Elegance with Rustic Southwest Essence


Architect: Urban Design Associates

Builder: R-Net Custom Homes

Photography: Steve Thompson

Featured Artisans:  Finely Designed Cabinetry - Handcrafted Tile - Taber & Co. - 

Chisel Marble & Granite - England Electric - 

Relics Architectural Home


Bliss Afternoon Kitchen.jpg

A Stylish Dwelling with Regional Influence


Architect:  Urban Design Associates

Builder:  Manship Builders

Photography: Steve Thompson

Featured Artisans:  Janus Custom - Chisel Marble & Granite - Finely Designed Cabinetry - Taber & Co.


Sonoran Warmth with Natural Finishes


Architect:  Design Barbarians Architects

Builder: G.K. Custom Homes Inc.

Photography: Art Holeman for Phoenix Home & Garden

Featured Artisans:  Handcrafted Tile Inc. - Affinity Kitchens - Haussman Stone

Phoenix H&G Book_08.jpg